Saturday, December 6, 2008
posted by Chen at 2:08 AM
Date : 6th December 2008
Time : 2.07AM
Listening to : My sis talks
Where : Room - Malacca

Ok...dead blog I know. Sorrryyy. Well...just a small update. As mentioned I'm the design lead for Design Method 3 and Tanyus is the Technical lead. And I think the job was very well divided. Today I worked on the remaining elements for the game and I got pretty excited. So I decided to try the different combinations that I can come up with.

Combination of Rococo and Art Nouveau (Pretty similar har?)

Combination of Bauhaus and Pop Art

Combination of Pop Art and Art Nouveau

I actually find this pretty interesting to experiment with. It's nice for me. Hopefully our juniors will feel the same. Presentation this coming Tuesday.


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