Thursday, January 31, 2008
posted by Chen at 2:49 AM
Date : 31st January 2008
Time : 2.50AM
Listening to : Some chinese song lah
Where : Room

Wah....So many nights staying up late. =.+!! Anyway... I decided to change my flash thingy to alien stuff. I don't know why I chose alien. Lol. Anyway... Nothing to show yet for flash. Still in progress. Typo I actually did the photo editing but I decided to change the color scheme in school after it appeared so terrible looking in MAC. My laptop display "off" colors. +.+

As for Design Method, I finished the stickers and poster already. But I think still can improve lor. Have to take into consideration user behavior also.

The stickers...

The poster.

Click to enlarge ok?

Web Design interface still in progress. Today's HTML class was fun I would say. Heehee... Though we were all so sleepy. After class, we troubleshoot-ed Tanyus' and Diana's flash. But strangely, Chris' and mine...we were still like dot dot dot.... We figured we need to use the While function and gotoAndStop function. Guess we need to try it out asap. Because tomorrow is submission. T___T!!!

Anyway... Please give feedback yea.


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Monday, January 28, 2008
posted by Chen at 9:58 PM
Date : 28th January 2008
Time : 9.58PM
Listening to : Suddenly - Cliff Richard + Olivia Newton John
Where : Room

Okay... Figures was fun today. We had to do a storyboard on Big Mama chicken stealing corns. And we had such laughs listening to each others' storyline. Wahyu, Tanyus and I came up with "Jack Sparrow" chicken. Super lawak. And my Super Duck. And puny dog and ultraman with fishnet stockings. Haha... This is the most relaxed class we have this term.

Sorry...forgot to rotate pics....

Anyway... Had a critic session with Joanne and Sook Chiung. Got a green light to proceed. Need to adjust some area. Gosh... Tonight going to be sleepless for all of us. Got Typo and Web Design to do. Kla... Will update assignments here.

Typo :
- Main page and 1 sub page for interface
- 3 edited pictures
- 1 layout structure for the image (with text and display type)
- Title

Web Design I:
- Jpeg with color

Design Method 2 :
- Have to show visual already (particulars as below)

*Printed Medium*
- Visual (Material used)
- Mechanism (Folding, size)

- Visual (Interface)
- Structure + Flowchart

- Visual (Subjects used)
- Storyline (Content)

*Installation Art*
- Visual (How it will look like)
- Mini Mock-up
- Bring materials to class. We need to work on it.

Digital Media 2:
- Submission for Project 1
- Continue to develop Project 2

Figures :
- 4 Figures
- Big Mama storyboard

*Replacement Class on Saturday for Web Design. 9.30AM. Video Lab*

That's all for now.


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posted by Chen at 2:04 AM
Date : 28th January 2008
Time : 2.06AM
Listening to : Sweeney Todd's soundtrack in my head
Where : room

This is the interface design sketch I have. Hopefully it's not too messed up.




-Employees' Quarters-


Been so super tired these few weeks. Don't know what's with this term. Like so hard to cope. -.-! Anyway...Colors need to be filled in before it looks proper. Hopefully. off to do typo. Ta!

p/s: Will update assignments later.


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Wednesday, January 23, 2008
posted by Chen at 1:03 PM
Date : 23rd January 2008
Time : 1.03PM
Listening to : Water dripping... again
Where : Room

Happy Thaipusam people!!!! Well, anyway, web design interface ideas were approved. Partially at least. Now need to have a more refined thumbs. Will try to email asap to lecturer and tutor. Please check the brief for further progress requirement.

As for Typography... Still lack of a couple of alphabets. Sigh.... Hopefully really will go back Malacca this time la. Then can take more pictures. Title design was accepted also. Need to improve on it. And interface design also approved. Now have to start to work on it.

I tried white charcoal on black paper for figure. Been wanting to do that since last week. But bought the wrong paper. Sugar paper doesn't work. Anyway, I tried and it didn't turn out that good. But going to pass that up anyway ust to see. -.-!

Progress on Design Method will still be nil. I am really having idea block and I think I will go search for more inspiration like about now. If not I am going to freak out tomorrow... o.-!!

Kla. Ciao!



Monday, January 21, 2008
posted by Chen at 7:27 PM
Date : 21st January 2008
Time : 7.31PM
Listening to : How many hours - MLTR
Where : MC-Room

Okay, MM068-1... as you guys already know, please comment on your group members' web analysis. And since our class is so small, might as well comment on everyone's if possible. And updates on replacement class for Web Design I:

23 Jan 2008 (Wed) replace to 02 Feb 2008 (Sat)- 9.30
06 Feb 2008 (Wed) replace to 16 Feb 2008 (Sat)- 9.30

Got the email from Joanne. No empty slots on Wednesday. So Saturday it is. Any questions please forward to Joanne tomorrow. And all the best in assignments!

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Sunday, January 20, 2008
posted by Chen at 6:39 PM
Date : 20th January 2008
Time : 6.39PM
Listening to : CHildren playing, water dripping... (so tak menginspirasikan -.-!)
Where : Room

So... I have nothing much to update on my assignments. It's driving me crazy actually. I've been having difficulties to sleep because every time I tried to, I will be having all sort of different themes for different assignments running through my head. Thinking about assignments and stuff. And as if it's not bad enough, I actually dreamed about them. And I heard from Wahyu and Selvia that they too dreamed about them. Is that a good or bad thing? Personally, it's disrupting my rest. So I ended up having a room looking like this :

That was last week. And yesterday I added this to my wall.

Isn't that a little mad? I guess it's actually not that bad. *shrugs* I dunnoe. It never happened before. Haha. And the amount of sentences I've spoken to my housemate for the entire week could be counted with my fingers and toes. 0.-!

And I know of some of us who actually kinda feel that things couldn't be handled this term , including me. But I guess having people like Tanyus, Selvia and Wahyu chatting in the chat room, inviting me in (but I was actually away) and tried to boost up the class mates' semangat was really an effort worth taking note of.; besides the point of Tanyus flaunting her new Wacom. *grinz* And so when I got back to the computer, I read back the whole conversation which cracked me up at some points. And so this is our mascot to boost everyone's semangat up!

Drawing courtesy of Wahyu. So, guys, this term may be tough but we will pull it through together yeah! *Please say you all very touched ok, Wahyu lukis dengan susah payah* Hahaha... Anyway, my main point is, don't give up.

Okay, assignments update:

VF2 - 4 figures + redraw the test

TDM - Show your pictures
Think of your title and design the typo for it
Research on flash interface
Art Direction for interface
side project : plan the singapore trip + eating gathering (EQUALLY important)

WD1 - Mood Board
Refine idea for project 1
Interface design
Revise on last 2 weeks lessons!

DMethod1 - propose min 5 ideas with:
::BIG idea::
::Medium chosen::
Bring your references along

DMedia2 - Start doing the visual for Project 1
Start brainstorming for Project 2
::Art Direction, interface...blalabla...just rough idea for Hazmeer::
Revise on last 2 weeks lessons!

Btw, please settle on a replacement class date and time for Web Design. The time given by Joanne clashes with our other classes. So either Saturday or if lecturer's time allows it, 2 web design lecture back to back on the coming Wednesday.

That's for now. More to come next week.

On a even brighter note, (besides our assignments) Sel, Tan, Wahyu and I planned to got for Sweeney Todd together and we hope rest of you guys from MM class could join us as well. Please let us know. Planned to go after Web Design Class on Tuesday.

Till then, bye!!!


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Friday, January 18, 2008
posted by Chen at 12:42 PM
Date : 18th January 2008
Time : 12.43PM
Listening to : Ingin Bersamamu - Syafinaz
Where : Selvia's room

My mood board... (to be updated)


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posted by Chen at 10:59 AM
Date : 18th January 2008
Time : 11.00AM
Listening to : Prodigal - OneRepublic
Where : Selvia's Room

Finally get to update. Anyway, after Web Design 1 class on Wednesday, the whole class minus Judy and Melvin went for lunch in Chola. We agreed to gather for group study that morning but unfortunately, Selvia and I had an upset stomach. SO we did it after class instead. Browsed through each other's reference books and also mags. After lunch, we headed to the study area and we started our group study. We reviewed and discussed each member's idea for web design. We took turns so we started off with Selvia's project, then diana, chris, wahyu, tanyus and then me. It was 2 hours! Wah...By the time we reached the last few people, our brain were dead tired already but we agreed to do this each week. It was really good cos' we get to see more options to our project and to figure out how to solve a certain problem. Well, so anyway, by the end of the day, I am pretty sure everyone had a clearer direction of where to go. And not to mention a tired brain and arms. With the whole stack of reference books and mags, I think we could build our muscles up. -.-!

So, anyway, I've already settle more or less on my website elements. Actually by the end of the dicussion, I was still at daze a little on my project. Maybe too much output and input. Haha. But on the way to Giant, Selvia actually suggested something that really hit the touch point. Treehouse concept. Something like that. So my factory and farm will be located at only one spot. It will be a big tree and all the processing will take place there. (Later after I sketch out I'll scan in) Also, everybody will stay in a treehouse because the main planet has very limited space. (That's why they need a planet) So it's like a flat owner buying a bungalow.

As for art direction, I have yet to decide. Too many possible ideas and I need to narrow down to one. Maybe I will do mix media. Like what I proposed earlier.

Yesterday Design Method 2 class was super interesting. What influenced me? That's the thing that we need to think about. I didn't notice that before but it was a habit of looking out a window or a door. I've been doing that since young. Sitting inside the bus, looking out the window and sometimes wondering what's inside a particular house by taking a glance at the windows that we passed by. Sweii said that's the first time she hear of such habit among all the classes that she hed this workshop sessios with. Anyway, I will be doing windows. I don't know what to use as the media yet. -.-!

Anyway, I spent a night in Selvia's room. Yesterday, I came at around 10.45PM. And after supper and a long chat with them, we started on or moodboard for web design. We searched for illustrations by artists and went crazy over all the stuff that they feature. Man, we were " niceeeeeeeeeee" here and there. -.-! Anyway, by 3.30AM, Selvia and I were too exhausted to continue. Tanyus hung on till 4.30AM and she too went to bed. So here I am, blogging at this hour cos' I just woke up. Now I have to finish up the moodboard. After it's done, I will post the jpeg up and together wit my flow chart. -.-! I forgot my gantt chart. Crap.


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Wednesday, January 16, 2008
posted by Chen at 10:03 AM
Date : 16th January 2008
Time : 10.03PM
Listening to : Water dripping
Where : Room

Yesterday after TDM class, we had Web Design Tutorial class. Had a critique session after that on our progress for roect 1. So it seems that most of us had a corporate kind of flow chart. Hmmm... So the feedback I got from Joanne and also Sook Chiung were:

1. Too corporate.
2. I have to make the story real, personal and about me, myself.
3. Rename the links.

Something like this. Maybe later on after class I will post my flowchart jpeg. Please comment yea. It will very helpful.

Now, I have to go for our class group study. Were discussing about it in TDM class yesterday and we thought it would be a good thing to share our reference books and ideas.

Ok...Assignments to update:

Digital Media 2 - Start planning for project 1 already. I am not too sure bout project 2. Please refer to brief.

TDM - Show photographs
Interface art direction
Reasearch on flash interface
Choose a title name and design the font

Web Design 1 - Refinement of Project 1
Interface Design

For reminder purpose, Amir and Diana, you guys are to present project 1 - Wonderful world (Design Method 1) to the juniors next week. Same time.


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Tuesday, January 15, 2008
posted by Chen at 10:47 AM
Date : 15th January 2008
Time : 10.42AM
Listening to : Yenny (hoho...)
Where : MMLab1

Currently having Typography for Digital Media (TDM). Just finished my critic session to settle on my theme for the photography thingy. So... My theme is...


Inspired by Malacca mamak trends. Heeeeee... So, maybe I will plan a trip back to Malacca. Hopefully jadi la... If not.. aduhai..susah sikit. And have to get the camera d...

Anyway...yesterday we had a "brainstorm" session ala online style. Main people there were Selvia, Tanyus, Wahyu, Diana and me. It was quite fruitful. And we stayed on till like 3.00AM I think. I was at Tanyus and Selvia's hse actually. Did our flowchart on Web Design 1 and also to search for art direction. Penat giler. Luckily tonight no need to stay up late. Hopefully. HAHAHAAHAH!

K! bye!


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Monday, January 14, 2008
posted by Chen at 12:04 PM
Date : 14th January 2008
Time : 12.05PM
Listening to : My Interpretation - Mika
Where : Room

Slept at 5.00AM yesterday. -.-! But managed to finish my figure drawing and send my storyline and proposal of "What if I am a farmer" to both Joanne and Sook Chiung. was a little concern about the whole thing because what I planned to do was a lil' "out". But super glad I got the green light to move on this morning. Hee.... Anyway, here's the storyline. Please help me to improve on it cos' it's a little brief I think. It's just a rough storyline.
What if I am a farmer...

Yes. I am a farmer and there ain't no "if". But I am not any ordinary farmer. I plant Planets. By now I think you would have figure out that I do not live in the ordinary world. Here, planets grow on trees. And planets are like homes here. Not everybody could plant planets. In fact, I am the only one! And planets don't come cheap but people need it. The world is getting too congested. But of course, I couldn't work alone. I need helpers. And in order to prevent my secrets of farming Planets from leaking out, I choose my helpers very carefully. Not humans but animals. Unlike how normal human beings would perceive it, I don't regard mice, beetles, snails and other insects and rodents as pests. They are very helpful; performing tasks better than the others. Through my website, I will narrate the story of my life as a Planet farmer. "A day with a Planet farmer". I will bring the audience through a journey that would describe how a planet could be planted, nurtured and harvested. And possibly how my whole lifestyle is like.

Will develop more on this. Please leave opinions in the comment page. Excuse my language. Bleh.

Ok... here will be my website analysis.

#1 One Republic

This is the official website for the band OneRepublic.

What I like about this page : I like the site's banner. I like how the glowing particles will follow your cursor.

Well, other than that, I think the whole website is kind of ordinary in term of the layout and navigation. But it's userfriendly. Loading time is not long. The grid system can be divided to a few section like how I've highlighted below.

This is the first site that I want to feature here because the next 2 other websites that I am going to share will be quite interesting compared to this. (Although I personally like OneRepublic band alot...)

#2 loworks

This site is graphical and interactive. The navigation of this site has assimilated with the illustrations.

What I like about the site : I like the graphics. I also like the layout. And it is interesting how the user could drag the display screen around. And the fact that the page doesn't need to refresh everytime I click a link saved me a lot of time. When you click on something, a small screen will appear. This display screen, like I mentioned could be dragged around.

The grid system could be divided as below.

Well, the thing about the page here that left me a bit lost was the buttons. Too many clickable things. Some just for animation purposes and some just to lead you somewhere. I don't know about you guys but I think they should just keep them separated. Reserve the illustrated part for the animation purpose and the rest of the page for links.

#3 Blueprint Studios

Last but not least, my fav. one among all 3. Of course I found many other websites that are interesting but for now I will just settle with these 3 first. If I have the time I will post the sites up. Anyway, this is a website for a recording studio. This is one site that you guys should explore on. The navigation is simple. Just click. But once you click the link, the page will start to move following the coloured strip of paper and lead you to another page. And the loading page for each link is interesting too. It will be animated. Don't know how to describe but please check this page out. really like it. So i don't think I need to tell why I like the page so much. Haha... I like the colors used here also. And the typeface also. basically... One of my fav. sites.

But I am not oo sure about the grid system though. So if you guys could help me out, all the better.

Sorry for the snapshot. Too small. Anyway... Hope you guys could give feedback on the sites too. And sorry if I haven't been able to check out the sites you people from MM068-1 recommended. Ok.. Till then! Ta!


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Sunday, January 13, 2008
posted by Chen at 8:34 PM
Date : 13th January 2008
Time : 8.34PM
Listening to : Nothing
Where : Wen's Room

Well, I really have to send the story to Joanne like today. So figures have to wait an hour. And I haven't post up the webpage analysis. -.-! Anyway... Like I mentioned in the previous post, I said I will be going t the Malaysia After 50 exhibition. Well, I did. I brought my cousin to The Star Education Fair. Met Beatrice there... doing demonstration to promote TOA. Haha... After that we headed to Pasar Seni. Met up with Melissa in Old Town White Coffee. Had a talk on Psychology and stuff. Interesting. Joined Zafri and Zheng after that.

I enjoyed the exhibition. There were 2 going on. It was interesting for both. To be honest, I was disappointed that not many works were exhibited. Still, it was good. It will still be going on. The Malaysia After 50 one will be until 27th January 2008. Sacred Legacy (Photography on Native Americans by Edward Curtis) will be running till 17th January 2008. I like Sacred Legacy. The photos weren't printed on normal paper. Check it out yourself k.

Then I found out that there will be another exhibition entitled Di Dinding (Visual and Wall Relief) at Pelita Hati, House of Art located in jalan Bangsar. I don't know where's that but I really want to go. I will enclose the postcard I got here. It will be on till 24th January 2008.

And those who are interested in The Independence Project at Galeri Petronas, it will still be up till 10th February.

And also, there is another photography exhibition in Balai Seni... Maybank tower near Pudu. Too bad it was closed on weekend. We went there and was stuck there cos it started raining heavily. Luckily I brought my reference book in my bag and a few loose papers and my job brief. So I did a brainstorming session with my friends. What can you do with SMELLY SHOES and also...What if I am a FARMER. Got quite a number of ideas... Some may be ridiculous but like how Melissa would put it, just put it in. It might lead somewhere. We did more on smelly shoes than the farmer one cos' I did the brainstorming with Zafri a couple days ago already. It was one heck of a hilarious session. Lol...

Okay... So update for assignments. Apart from what I mentioned before this, we have to start planning for our Digital Media 2 Project 1 and 2 already. And remember to revise also. I don't know about others but I am still blur about some stuff. But really... This means extra effort. HTML and Action Script 3.0.... *Big drop of sweat*... Hopefully everyone can cope. have to do visual and Web Design d! ta!


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Friday, January 11, 2008
posted by Chen at 12:24 PM
Date : 11th January 2008
Time : 12.24PM
Listening to : Grass cutter machine -.-!
Where : Room

Yesterday, Zheng an I went to KLCC. Went to Kinokuniya to search for her photography book. Anyway, they extended the bookstore. Now they have this section filled with japs art crafts book and stuff. Stuff that can make me drool. My goodness, I will suggest Tanyus and Selvia to check it out. It's really things that you people will like.

Anyway, after that, we met Melissa, my classmate back at Malacca. Went to Petronas Gallery. It's Independent Artists. Malaysian and Australian artists. It's interesting and by far, I love Ahmad Fuad's wor the most. The one he photoshopped himself into old pictures. His works are good. It kept us rooted there for like 15 minutes or so. And there's this work by Vincent Leong entitled, "Shut up! You are not real!".... Lol...It's about dolls. And there are a few other interesting piece of work there. It's too bad I missed the Spain one. Wasn't around. And there will a photography exhibition in The Annexe. It's entitled Malaysia After 50 I think. This Saturday and Sunday. I think other days also but I couldn't remember. It will be interesting to go. I'll be going. With Zheng and Mel again. =)

Ok..have to get ready for class! Ta!



Wednesday, January 9, 2008
posted by Chen at 7:23 PM
Date : 9th January 2008
Time : 7.23pm
Listening to : How Come, How Long - Babyface & Stevie Wonder
Where : Room

Just changed some of the template. Still don't like how this layout turned out to be. Don't really have the time. Sigh..I am gonna puke looking at it. Well, anyway... Today we had our Web Design 1 Lecture class. Learned about HTML codes. I guess it's okay for now. Just a few reminders for MM068-1...

Visual Fundamental 2
4 figures. (Simplified or shaded)

Typography for Digital Design
Settle on your art direction and themes for your first project (T.Y.P.E do speak). Come up with at least 3 themes.

Can start collecting pictures already.

Web Design 1
Have your blog set up.

Analyse 3 websites (Grid system, what you like and don't like about it, Content placement, Improvement) and post it on your blog.

Send a copy of your story for project 1 (If I am a ....) to Joanne and Sook Chiung via email before class next week. Also, post a copy on your blog if you want for comments.

As for next week class, (refer to brief), define your idea and concept already. Produce sketches. Will ask Joanne more on this. So I guess better send the story to Joanne as early as possible. This one is for Tuesday Tutorial class.

That's all I guess. If I've made any mistake please tell me yea. Now gtg find inspiration for the storyline d. Gah!


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Tuesday, January 8, 2008
posted by Chen at 11:29 PM
Date : 8th January 2008
Time : 11.29PM
Where : MC - Room

Birth of a new blog as requested by our lecturer Joanne Ng for Web Design class. Sole purpose for this blog would be to share my research, ideas, thoughts, inspiration and artwork. Hmmm... Probably will use this blog to remind the classmates of the assignments of the week. Just a brief introduction here. Will start on the assignment tomorrow and please feel free to comment on each of the post related to my work. Will do me a lot good. Thank you. And of course, I will not limit this blog to only Web Design class. =) Oh...and will stick to this blogger skin till I have time to change it. Which I doubt I will have the time to do so. -.-! Enjoy!