Thursday, October 30, 2008
posted by Chen at 2:34 AM
Date : 29th October 2008
Time : 11.34AM
Listening to : Set adrift on memory bliss - BSB
Where : Room - MC

Finished 80% of my 3D modeling. I have a lot of adjustments and things to add. Everything look pretty loose here. Anyway, here's the first render test. No seriously... I dunnoe what's going to happen in this piece of work. Mak jaaaaang~! Can't really concentrate now. That bizarre weird dream is still in my head. Dang~!

I had quite a difficult time adjusting the resolution. I hate to find for tutorials but this time I had to la. Alamak..Camera settings and global settings not linked one meh? Meh....


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Tuesday, October 28, 2008
posted by Chen at 4:06 PM
Date : 28th October 2008
Time : 3.43PM
Listening to : Nothing
Where : Room - MC

For the past few days, Tanyus and I stayed up till 5AM to finish our Design Method 3 proposal. We really went through quite a "ribut taufan" in our project. I still think our first idea was pretty unique but I guess circumstances didn't really make things easy. So we brainstormed for another idea and we like it. Now we hope it'll turn out good. Anyway, this quick visual needs ALOT of changes. Basically our art direction is similar to scrapbooking. Will post up the updated version asap.

We are creating a flash game that requires the player to decorate a room according to a virtual customer's description. From the given description, player has to interprete what kind of art style and art movement that suits what the customer wants. Our aim is to evoke user's creativity in applying the fundamentals of art movement into their work. Not only that, we aim to help to train user to understand and interprete a job brief.

Below is our first quick visual. Gah. Next time I will post up a much improved one. Suddenly I feel so The Sim-ish. Hahaha... We have a very very bad name. Gonna change it.

Anyway, I am like so so so so so freakin in love with this blog. SO NIIIIICEEEEE~! See how I enlarge the link text. This is how much I love it. Hahahaha! Tanyus watched all my reactions in class when I went through this blog and she said this, "Chen, you're having furniture orgasm.." =.=! For once, I think I do agree with her. Oh goodness... Such beautiful creation call furniture and interior design. I will, I promise myself, I will one day work in a interior design firm.


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posted by Chen at 3:26 PM
Date : 28th October 2008
Time : 3.27PM
Listening to : Crazy ppl playing with fireworks
Where : Room - MC

Aaaah~! My idea for motion still hasn't got feedback yet. I mean the latest one cos the previous one on Autism was too general. Oh, btw, I decided on Autism. But anyway...

I'm still doing on Autism but target audience will be general public on how needy an autistic child and their parents are. Organization that I'm doing will be our local NGO, NASOM (National Autism Society of Malaysia). I want to create an awareness among the public and also to encourage them to help out either in the form of donation, adopting a project or volunteer to help out in the centre. The motion graphic will contain the facts and also real situation of autism in Malaysia.

Previously I did my research based on foreign countries' situation. It was pretty hard to relate. Then when I moved on to Malaysian's context, I find myself feeling more passionate about this issue. So yeah... Still hasn't got any feedback yet but I'm going to proceed. Ok, concept board. For the very last time... =.=!

I hope by the end of the term I will have something satisfactory to post in this blog.


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Monday, October 20, 2008
posted by Chen at 2:38 AM
Date : 20th October 2008
Time : 2.38AM
Listening to : Nothing
Where : room - Malacca

Last week I presented my ideas for Motion Graphic Project 2 : Speaking Up. I decided to do on abortion. But my concepts weren't strong and solid enough. But anyway, I came up with 2 more concept boards. One is for abortion and the other one is for autism. Will elaborate later on when I have the time. The first 2 are last week's concept board. The next 2 are my latest concept board.

Concept : Killing a child irregardless of any method is murder. So is abortion. Just because you have not see the child yet does not mean it is not an act of killing.

Concept : A fetus is not just an "it". It is a life and no matter how much you try to convince yourself that the first trimester does not make the the fetus a human, you are wrong. You are not God. You have no rights to terminate the child's life just because of your mistake.

Concept : Children suffering from autism can sometimes be hard to detect. This is to create awareness among parents and caretakers and to guide them on how to detect autism in their children.

Concept : Aborting a child is done in a cruel way. The child is helpless and silent. But if... he can plead to his mother... What will he say?

Anyway... I am not sure which one I'm keen on doing yet. The first 2 are not in my list. It's either the 3rd or 4th one. Hmmm... I wonder... Autism? or Abortion?


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Saturday, October 18, 2008
posted by Chen at 12:31 AM
Date : 18th October 2008
Time : 12.31AM
Listening to : Nothing
Where : Room - MC

My first project in Motion Graphic Design. Just submitted this week. Thank God my lappie did not crash.



Friday, October 3, 2008
posted by Chen at 5:17 PM
Date : 3rd October 2008
Time : 5.17PM
Listening to : Moolight Resonance Movie
Where : Parents' Room

Okay, time to update this VERY dead blog. Today's entry will be on Advanced Digital Media. We have only one project this term. But project yang bukan main susah lagi. We have to make a point&click flash game. I brainstormed for idea for a couple of days just for the storyline. For me, I think storyline is the life of a movie and also a game. But games like tetris and all diferent la ok. Anyway, I went to the library to research on Design Method. Tetapi... I saw this book by Japanese artists. Very nice the environment art. But when I flipped open the book, I saw a classroom scene. Then the idea came to me. But I had such a difficult time thinking of the ending for the story. So Zheng, Zafri and I brainstormed together. So funny la all the different versions we came up with. But I wasn't really satisfied. But in the end I thought of a weirddddd ending. And I like it. ^^

Hopefully the game will turn out well la. The title for now will be Fragments of Memories. It's a first person point of view. A very short description for the game is:

A boy woke up and found himself in a classroom he was familiar with. Familiar and yet different. The place looked the same but it felt different. Like everything was so dead. He could not remember who he was, what really happened and how he ended up in that classroom. But from the journal that slipped out of his bag, he knew his name was Bobby. As the story unfolds, the character will find himself in a school he used to attend and having no way to leave the school except through the main entrance. The problem is… he does not have the password to unlock the door. From there he would slowly work his way out and regained back his memory as he collects the missing pages of his journal by performing various tasks and puzzles. Along the way, the character will find many torn pieces of a photograph. By putting them together, he will find out that the photography was taken outside the school. Strangely, he noticed a tree that somehow stood out among the rest of the objects. And behind the photograph was the keycode for his freedom; or so he thought.

I came up with the walkthrough and puzzles already. I think I will enjoy this project. Was pretty worried about my capabilities to come up with the graphics. You know la... Lately, I've been drawing using flash. And among all 3 drawing software, Photoshop, Illustrator and Flash, my skills in Photoshop is the worst. =.=~! Darn stress ok? But I really want to try new styles. I attempted to edit photos from the net. Like what I posted in the previous post. But it's illegal to use ppl's photos ma. So I went back to my secondary school and became like a thief to take photos of the lab. =.= Sweat man. But then it's not very flexible. So I tried drawing on paper to scan but my perspective teruk lah. But In then end I drew in Photoshop anyway. Without references. Fuh, boleh tahan la. First time didn't trace. ^^

2 different color modes. Please comment yea.